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5 Ways To Create A Positive Employer Brand

30 August 2019 By Thomas Breese


It’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. 

It’s tough out there. The talent marketplace has never been more competitive. With employers fighting to attract and retain the best candidates. This problem is even more pressing for start-ups and small businesses who don’t have the same reputation and reach as bigger players. This is where a bold and meaningful employer brand can make all the difference. Your employer brand is the story of you. And a positive one can have a big impact on candidate attraction. Here are 5 ways you can step up your game when it comes to employer branding. 

Be Authentic

In our new digital world, where social media reigns supreme, candidates have never been more marketing savvy. The candidate attraction space has become driven by the same principles that govern consumer marketing, and it’s vital that your voice is authentic. That candidates feel like they are connecting with real people. This can take a little practice and a lot of introspection to get right. But if candidates feel a genuine connection to who you are and what you do, you will always be a step ahead. 

Be Consistent 

Your employer branding may look great on your website but how about on your social media platforms or in your employee handbook? A great employer brand has to cover all bases and if it doesn’t then it can feel jarring to both candidates and employees. Creating consistency may mean greater collaboration between teams within your organisation, but the benefits are definitely worth the extra work. 

Create Cheerleaders

Your employer brand is not something that you can contain on paper. Every employee that works for you, every candidate you meet (successful or not), becomes a brand influencer. By creating positive experiences at every stage of the candidate and employee journey, you can create a network of cheerleaders that can be incredibly effective at boosting the positivity of your employer brand. This is not a quick or easy change, but it’s one of the most important you can make. 

Embrace Technology 

Technology is a great way for employers not only to reach candidates and promote their brand – through social media and digital platforms – but to create a smooth and consistent candidate experience. From filling in applications to screening processes and setting up interviews, the right tech in the right place can make a big difference. Creating a seamless experience that flows into a positive employer brand. 

Tell Your Story 

Storytelling is a key part of what makes a really successful employer brand. It makes connecting with you a personal and ongoing experience. And stories don’t just come from the words you use, they come from images, design, videos – essentially everything you put out there. Keep your story relevant by staying in regular communication with potential employees to create a growing connection. 

At Ventula, we provide the next-generation of recruitment services, promoting your unique employer brand as we connect with high-quality candidates. If you’re looking to expand your team or you’re a start-up looking to build your employer brand, we can help. Get in touch to discuss your next talent move.