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The Hottest Tech Skills In Demand Today

03 September 2019 By Joe Noon

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What are the most sought after skills of 2019?

The tech world never stands still. It is continually evolving and growing as the technology that powers it shifts and matures. This means that the most in-demand skills are constantly changing alongside it. Tech professionals have to commit to lifelong learning, continuously upskilling themselves to keep pace with change. So, what tech skills are hot right now? We take a closer look at some of the most-wanted skills of 2019.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based roles are some of the most lucrative in the industry. It is a sector that has been game-changing for almost every element of the digital world. By allowing data and information to be stored virtually, Cloud technology has opened up a more flexible online landscape. High-demand positions are difficult to fill and key roles include Cloud Migration Engineer, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Architect.

Cyber Security

As the amount of sensitive information we store online grows, so do the consequences of a virtual attack. This risk is amplified by the almost total connectivity of the modern world, including the Internet of Things. Cyber Security specialists help to protect against these online threats. Key roles include Cyber Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, and Cyber Security Analyst.


Interest in Blockchain has exploded over recent years and experts in this area are in high-demand. Blockchain works by allowing digital data to be distributed but not copied. Although the technology has its roots in finance, the potential for other applications are endless. Roles we are seeing include Blockchain Specialist and Javascript Blockchain Developer.

Artificial Intelligence

AI may still sound like science fiction but this technology is already changing the way we live and work. This means that specialist roles in this area are on the rise. We predict that demand for AI researchers and machine learning specialists is going to continue to scale up over the coming years.

Data Scientist

We produce and store huge amounts of data every day, so it makes sense that the people who analyse it are high on employers’ most-wanted lists. Data scientists are the people who make sense of the information we produce, spotting trends, predicting behaviors, and interpreting the world we live in. Key roles include Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Statistician.

At Ventula, we are always ahead of the crowd when it comes to the high-demand tech roles and skills. Get in touch to discover the specialist talent that could be game-changing for your organisation.