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​How Can You Stand Out As a Developer in a Competitive Market?

21 October 2019 By Christian Kenny

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Software developers may be in high demand but that doesn’t mean you can afford to fall behind the competition.

We live in a digital world and we need talented people to build it. This means the role of software developer is highly sought after across all industries. However, this rise in demand is accompanied by a rise in interest in development as a profession – young people, graduates, and even those looking for a mid-career shift are gravitating towards software development careers in increasingly large numbers. There is also huge flexibility in the way people can now access the profession, with coding academies and open-source development languages meaning that anyone can access and build the skills they need to be a developer.

So, in an increasingly crowded candidate marketplace, how do you stand out from the rest?


Yes, we are starting the list with a soft skill. Because the best developer in the world will fail if they don’t have strong communication skills. Software development is a heavily team-based job. You need to be able to relay what you need, explain your progress, and listen to input from those around you to succeed. Work on your communication skills to ensure that employers can depend on you to be a strong team player.


This may seem like an obvious one but it’s something that can be overlooked. Your success in development is going to be largely down to your coding skills and knowledge. This means it is important not to skip the basics when it comes to your coding toolkit. A simple, but effective roadmap for aspiring developers is:


Bootstrap (This will support CSS Understanding)


Modern frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular

Although it can be tempting to dive into modern frameworks first, it’s important to get the basics right – these will provide a strong foundation for your development career. It’s also vital to remember that your learning should be continuous. Development tools are evolving constantly and established developers need to continually refresh their knowledge.

Build a Portfolio

Potential employers like to see what a developer can do. While courses may look great on your CV, a carefully curated portfolio of relevant projects is much more likely to capture their attention. And don’t worry if you're new to the industry, you can use personal projects to bring your expertise and passion for coding to life.

Consider Full Stack

Full stack developers are becoming more and more sought after. Employers are looking for developers who can work with multiple technologies and provide insight and expertise across a broad base. If you want to jump straight to the top of most-wanted lists, consider expanding your skill set as far and wide as possible.

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