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The Rise of the Coding Bootcamp

14 October 2019 By Thomas Breese

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A new generation of digital talent is bypassing traditional routes into software development.

As we evolve into an increasingly digitised world, the demand for software developers has never been greater. This need is being serviced by an increasing number of coding academies and bootcamps – targeted online and in-person learning programmes that offer concentrated courses in coding over months or weeks. Although they vary in scope and expense, these bootcamps are fuelled by a growing demand for skilled software developers in almost every industry around the globe.

The rise of the coding academy is a relatively modern phenomenon, with the offering growing in size and scope over the last five years. Whether you want to learn front end, back end, full stack, Java, Python or any number of coding skills, there is a course out there for you. And this accessible means of accessing crucial digital skills shows no signs of slowing, with new providers appearing in the market regularly.

Why Are Bootcamps So Popular?

Although most bootcamps are by no means cheap, they still offer a much more affordable price tag than most degrees and often with a considerably higher chance of finding a well-paying job at the end of the process. They are also a flexible option, with many bootcamps or academies offering remote learning to students from around the world. Another driver in the rising popularity of these courses is the attraction to people who are looking for a career change. The option to retrain in a brand new set of skills in just a few months is a huge selling point for those who are at a midpoint in their career.

Are Bootcamps Replacing Degrees?

Some commentators suggest that these types of short but intense courses will replace degrees for software developers and digital experts altogether. While this is not entirely true – degrees are likely to always be sought after – they do offer intensely practical experience for digital professions. Many computer programming degree courses have limited emphasis on practical skills, with many teaching a syllabus that will become defunct by the time the lengthy course is completed. Bootcamps offer an intense hit of learning that is based around the day-to-day skills students will require to work as a developer. It’s also not a binary choice between degree or bootcamp, an intense coding course is a great addition to a graduate CV.

What’s Next For Coding Bootcamps?

It seems unlikely that the popularity of these courses will fade away while the demand for developers remains so high. However, it’s unlikely that the market can sustain so many providers and we may see some close their doors as competition intensifies. There is also an increasing diversification of the digital skills on offer from design to data and marketing. The coding bootcamp isn’t going anywhere but we may see it evolve in the coming years.

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