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VENTULA FC - Match Report - 7th October 2019

07 October 2019 By Jamie Cameron

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​VENTULA FC - Match Report - 7th October 2019

Back before the millennium, in that fateful year of 1999…

Back when Ventula Consulting was just a sparkle in someone’s eyes, and Ventula
FC a sparkle within that sparkle…

Back when the Vengaboys were dominating the
charts and Austin Powers was dominating the Box Office... up in the North of
England Sir Alex Ferguson was about to win the treble with Manchester United.


When asked about his unprecedented success Sir Alex’s
response focused not on his victories but on his losses.

He said; “The experience of defeat,
or more particularly the manner in which a leader reacts to it, is an essential
part of what makes a winner.”

20 years later in October of 2019 Ventula FC had been enduring a poor run of form
in the league – before our 3rd fixture of the season Sir Alex’s
words rang around the dressing room. We knew only by losing could we become


The match started well with Ventula jumping out to a 3-0 lead thanks to deft
finishing from “fox-just-outside-the-box” Christian Kenny. Cultured midfielder
Joe Noon continued his fine form and pulled all the strings in midfield.

But Ventula’s path to success was never going to be easy and before we knew it we
were deep in the 2nd half and down 5-4. This is where Sir Alex’s
words returned to the forefront of our minds and thanks to heroic defending
from James Leyden and more transcendent finishing from Joe Noon and Christian
Kenny, Ventula FC emerged victorious.


Final Score:

Risky Digits - 5

Ventula FC – 6

MOTM: Joe Noon


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