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What’s it Like to Be New at Ventula?

21 November 2019 By Thomas Breese

James Camaeron Ventula

​Say hello to Jamie Cameron...

At Ventula, our team makes us, and we love to share their unique stories through our blog. Recently, we sat down with one of our newest consultants to find out what it’s really like to become part of the Ventula family. Jamie Cameron shares his experience, below. 

Hi Jamie, and welcome to Ventula! Could you tell us a little bit about your role? 

I am a Consultant working in the Business Consulting team specialising in the placement of talented Scrum Masters into high performing Agile teams. Since joining the business I have become really interested in the Agile space, so to be able to focus my work around the area and build my expertise is really exciting. It’s a really varied role and every day is different! 


What about life before Ventula? Could you tell us a little about yourself? 


Well, this is my very first recruitment role. I graduated last summer with a degree in English Literature and Politics. As a student, I did a lot of radio work and I think that really helps me in this job. It means I am good at talking to people and feel comfortable engaging with people and extracting key information. 


What made you choose Ventula? 


I really liked the atmosphere here. It was very welcoming and I felt treated like someone who had real potential. All of the conversations I had with Ventula felt very respectful and professional. I was also attracted to the excellent training programme and the chance to learn by being around some incredibly talented people. Overall, I felt like Ventula wanted to invest in their people and that drew me to this role. 


Can you tell us about the onboarding process? 


I met the team as part of the latter stages of the interview process, so that was a great way to get a feel for the business before I even had the job! The onboarding process itself was comprehensive, I was immediately invited out for lunch and involved in team-building activities from day one. I also started with a group; It was nice to move through those initial few days together. 


What’s the team dynamic like? 


It’s great. Everyone shares in everyone’s success here. There are wider company targets as well as individual targets, so it feels like a real group effort. Individual targets are also tailored.  Bottles of champagne, holiday vouchers, gym membership, meals – you can always find something that fits what motivates you as an individual.


What does the future hold for you with Ventula? 


Hopefully, career progression, I’m looking forward to learning more and advancing. There is a strong sense of personal responsibility here, Ventula empower you to create your own path. Rather than saying ‘this is where you need to be’ they ask, ‘where do you want to go?’ I am following my passions and working towards my Scrum Master certification – I am looking forward to honing my expertise and immersing myself in the world of Agile.


Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Jamie. If you would like Ventula to be part of your future, visit our Join Us page and discover how you could make your mark.