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​Preparing for a successful 2022

18 January 2022 By Olivia Leger


Preparing for a successful 2022

I think we can all agree that 2021 was a long year that presented us with unexpected obstacles but nonetheless was filled full of learnings and memorable moments. Albeit, sometimes it felt like an unprecedented extension of 2020! But let’s not go there. 

2021 ultimately taught us about adaptability, introducing us to more flexible and efficient ways of working and challenging our understanding of the importance of work-life balance. 

I’ve thought up a few learnings to optimize the recruitment industry in 2022. 

Work smarter, not harder 

I stumbled over a TikTok a few months back by @rod stating, “why do we say work hard, play hard? Why can’t we work a normal amount based on our pay and play an appropriate amount as adults?” This commentary resonates with my life motto to work smarter, not harder by optimizing your time rather than running yourself into the ground. 

This is a common trend amongst contemporary workers who are looking for a more sustainable working environment. Employees value recruitment companies who provide flexible remote working opportunities, encourage work-life balance, and embrace a more diverse and inclusive company culture. So, it’s vital that these emerging workplace attributes are prioritized to attract and retain talent. 

The days of running from one meeting to the next fueled off your 8th coffee of the day, are gone. Well, maybe the running part. 

As a recruiter - pre-pandemic - I used to stay connected to clients and candidates over coffee catch-ups. This has evolved into pouring myself a cup of coffee and logging onto teams for virtual meetings. 

In many ways, I miss the hustle and bustle and face-to-face interactions, albeit, the new norm has given us more time to complete our tasks efficiently allowing us to focus on innovation and recharging our batteries. 

Creating a collaborative work environment 

The new norm of remote and hybrid working is unlikely to change and is challenging employers to adapt and optimize the workplace accordingly. 

The recipe for a healthy work culture is open communication, effectively using virtual platforms to promote employee success by encouraging team engagement andcreating a collaborative work environment. As we evolve into a WFH lifestyle, communicating with your employees and understanding their values is critical for successful recruitment and retention. 

Adapting to a candidate-driven market

The market has evolved into a candidate-driven market demanding more niche skill sets across the globe. This requires companies and recruiters to develop new hiring strategies to better attract highly qualified talent. 

The importance of connecting with leading talent is at an all-time high. Establishing strong relationships virtually can be challenging, forcing companies and recruiters to exit their comfort zones and think outside the box.

The days of posting job advertisements online and expecting an inbox full of high calibre candidates are also gone. So, how do we as recruiters and employers set ourselves apart from the crowd and attract talent? 

  • Writing inclusive job ads and emphasizing your company's inclusive and diverse environment. 

  • Highlighting the must-haves instead of the shopping list 

  • Get outside the box by using imagery, videos or any other virtual experience. 

  • Point out inclusive benefits, like parental leave, childcare etc. 

  • Listing exciting projects and progressions within the position. 

  • BOLD

    whether the opportunity is WFH, Hybrid OR in office. 

Writing a good job ad and talking to active candidates is paramount, however, it is key to act proactively by continuously speaking to passive candidates and growing your pool of talent. This is essential to building genuine relationships and acting fast on opportunities. 

Get personal 

It's time to get personal, and no, I don’t mean by sharing your deepest darkest secrets. Although, I bet the engagement would be great on that! 

With Millennials and Gen Zs at the forefront, the need for attracting and retaining talent virtually has forced us to adapt to new ways of working and new strategies to attract talent in a competitive market. The importance of personal touch has become vital to set yourself apart from the competition. 

As an employer and recruiter, there are several ways to demonstrate your personality virtually, like sharing podcasts, videos, imagery etc. illustrating personal interest, employment/customer experiences, team building and inclusivity to list a few. 

Overall, 2021 has presented the recruitment industry with a host of new challenges, which only makes moving into the new year more exciting. We have the tools to make 2022 successful at all of our fingertips and it’s time to embrace them.