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In a fast-paced digital world, sometimes you need expert support fast. Ventula Consult provides flexible and tailored talent solutions to help your organisation remain agile even when you’re under pressure. Whether you need an individual consultant with niche technology skills or a mobile development team to plug in and complete an essential project, Ventula Consult can help. We work closely with you to understand exactly what you need to succeed, delivering targeted solutions that help you concentrate on what matters most – your core business.



Technology sits at the centre of our lives. It’s how we communicate, explore, and get work done. So, when it comes to the technology that your organisation relies on, you can’t afford to stand still. We sit at the centre of a broad network of technology specialists and consultants. From in-demand roles like Cloud Architects and Full Stack Developers to senior roles like IT Director and Head of Technology, we can connect you with the expertise you need to shape your digital future. These are just some of the Technology roles we support our clients with today.

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Business Change and Transformation
Every organisation goes through periods of transformation and navigating change can be a complex and sometimes painful process. We provide expert support when your business needs it most. We help you to connect with Business Change and Transformation specialists who deliver customised expertise. From Change Managers to Scrum Masters and PMO teams, simply tell us what type of support you need and we help you to plug into exceptional talent. These are just some of the Business Change and Transformation Roles we support our clients with today. 

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Professional Services 
Our Professional Services function helps you to tap into the specialist support that keeps your organisation running smoothly. With a wide network of highly-experienced professionals available whenever and wherever you need them most.  We are specialists in sourcing Professional Services talent in contract and consulting roles across the UK and beyond. Providing support at every level from Chief Financial Officer through to Project Accountant and Finance Analysts. These are just some of the Professional Services Roles we support our clients with today.

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