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The Power of Quick and Honest Feedback in Recruiting

​In the fast-moving world of recruitment, giving quick and honest feedback to candidates isn't just a good practice – it's a necessity. Drawing on my experience as an recruiter working closely with hiring managers, I've seen firsthand how speedy and clear feedback can totally change the hiring game. So why is it so important?  


Why Speed Matters?

A survey by Glassdoor found that 58% of job seekers think about how long a hiring process takes when deciding on a job offer. Quick feedback not only keeps candidates interested but also shows your company is all about getting things done.


Better Experience for Candidates:Having a good experience is key for your company's reputation. Research from Talent Board says that 83% of candidates talk about their bad interview experiences with friends and family. Giving feedback, whether it's good or some pointers, helps candidates feel better about the whole process.


Faster Hiring:The longer it takes to give feedback, the higher the chance of losing top talent to other companies. Workable's study found that companies taking more than four weeks to hire have a 12% higher chance of losing candidates. Quick feedback speeds up decision-making and gets important roles filled faster.


Why clarity is crucial?


Setting Clear Expectations:Being honest and clear with feedback helps candidates know what to expect. This way, they can make smart choices about their careers.


Making interviews better:Regular feedback to hiring managers helps fine-tune the interview process as well. By spotting patterns in candidate responses and interviewer evaluations, you can keep improving your approach for better results.


Building a talent pool:Even if a candidate isn't chosen, positive feedback makes them think about your company for future opportunities. This helps build a group of talented people you can tap into when new positions open up.


Some tips for Hiring Managers:

Speed Things Up....Encourage hiring managers to give feedback as soon as they can after an interview. Delays can make candidates frustrated and hurt your company's reputation.


Be specific and helpful:Generic feedback doesn't do much for candidates. Guide hiring managers to offer specific, useful insights that candidates can use to grow professionally.


Tips for fellow recruiters:


Encourage a Feedback Culture:Push for a culture where feedback is normal in your company. Keep stressing the importance of giving helpful insights to hiring managers.


Offer training and ask for help:Give hiring managers the tools and training they need to give good feedback. This can include guidelines on giving constructive criticism and showing why positive feedback matters. But as well, on the other hand ask for help when writing feedback to candidates from someone more senior in order to create constructive feedback which can be useful for the candidate.


Giving quick and honest feedback isn't just a good idea – it's a must in my opinion. By making fast communication and clear insights a priority, both hiring managers and recruiters can make the hiring process better, keep more people on board, and ultimately build a stronger and more flexible workforce. As the job market keeps changing, the impact of feedback can't be overstated – it's the key to turning potential hires into valuable assets for your company.


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