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Ventula Consulting are experts at advising organisations on how to create diverse and inclusive teams and we recognise that more needs to be done to bridge the gender gap within the technology industry.
Women TechConnect is a mentorship programme and community, dedicated to bridging the gender gap in the technology industry by empowering women to succeed and excel in STEM careers.
Through our free programme, we aim to provide Women at every stage of their career with the knowledge and skills to progress and develop.​
Through Ventula’s programme, Women at any stage of their technology career can connect with an external mentor who will provide tailored support, advice and guidance.
Our bespoke technology platform allows Mentors and Mentee’s to be matched and collaborate together, creating an invaluable learning opportunity. From aspiring students to seasoned professionals, Women TechConnect welcomes Women at every stage of their tech journey.
Women TechConnect stands for diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. We champion the advancement of women in technology, supporting their ambitions and celebrating their achievements. Together, we will forge a path towards a more diverse and balanced tech industry.
  • One to one mentoring opportunities – connect with experienced leaders in the Tech industry who can provide tailored support  and advice
  • Individual career advice and coaching sessions delivered by senior tech recruiters
  • Regular networking events, learning webinars and meetups
Mentors can choose how much time they are able to offer, ranging from a 30 minute quarterly catchup through to more regular monthly sessions. Sessions can be face to face or conducted online.​
To register for the Women TechConnect programme please use the following links:
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